Comprehensive List of all Alternative Investment Platforms in India

Comprehensive List of all Alternative Investment Platforms in India

In this article, we have mentioned all available alternative investment platforms along with alternative aggregators in India that have either been discussed in our WhatsApp community or we know of personally. Any platform's name here in this list doesn't mean we endorse their work, products or the deals they are bringing to market. Some of these are plain outright fraud and you need to be careful about where you put your money. We have just included them so this becomes a comprehensive list.

Note, that some links below are referral links or IFA links, if you sign up using those links, we might or might not get certain commissions from platforms. This does not cost you anything but helps us run this blog for free while keeping high-quality content alive.

If you are unsure about certain products/instruments here, search for detailed reviews/explanations on our blog before signing up. Alternative investments are risky and not suited for every portfolio so please do proper due diligence before investing.

Invoice Discounting Platforms

Asset Leasing Platforms

Direct Leasing Platforms

LLP Based Platforms

Solar Investing

LLP Based Platforms

Digital Solar Platforms

Direct Solar Platforms

OBPP Platforms (Listed Debt incl. SDIs, SGBs)

P2P Lending Platforms

Revenue/Royalty Financing Platforms

Litigation Financing Platforms

Agriculture Financing Platforms

Fractional Real Estate Platforms

LLP/Pvt Ltd Based Platforms

Tokenized Based Platforms

UDS (Undivided Share) Based Platforms

Holiday Home Based Platforms

Other Fractional Investment Platforms

Private Equity Deals Platforms

Unlisted Shares Platforms

Digital Gold Platforms

Other Alternatives Platforms

Below is a list of platforms that are difficult to classify into one particular bucket. I don't trust any of these platforms, they are violating some SEBI rules as well but that's my opinion and should not be considered as defamation by the platform.

Alternative Aggregators

Below are some aggregators present in the alternatives ecosystem that help you get the best deal across all platforms above on a risk-reward basis. They do earn a fee directly from the platform, the service is free of cost for you. You should try them out as they know much more about the overall ecosystem than you will know via regular means.

Thanks for reading, that's it from our side. If you know of any platforms or any new category that should be added to this list, please let me know via Whatsapp and I will get it done. If you would like to join our Whatsapp Community, please apply at below link.

Please note that this is an opinion blog and not official research advice. I am not a registered RIA in India. This blog aims to promote informed decision-making and does not discourage you from investing in any deals.

We plan to come up with more blogs discussing different types of instruments available in the world of startup investing, write on due diligence for some platforms, and also existing and upcoming alt investment deals in the Indian market. If you want to stay updated on the latest blogs, please subscribe to our newsletter so you get notified automatically.

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